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Gold Prospecting Educational Courses

These Educational Prospecting Courses are for those who want to learn how to become successful Recreational Miners.

Books, lectures, tapes and seminars teach only theory and principles. You must also learn the techniques of prospecting. This means field work and that is where we teach our courses, in the field. There is some physical effort involved in these courses.

 height= gold prospecting


Your Presentation was masterful and at the same time made us feel like we were part of the 49ers. The Field was a positive and unique learning experience for my fourth grade class. You made all of our book studies come alive and that is a powerful learning experience.

Prospecting Courses

Course I - Placer

Taught by experts, this extensive 3-day course teaches the latest scientific techniques of sampling for gold using simple physics and hydrology. This exciting course teaches you with practical experience how to narrow down a stream to the pay streak.

Day 1 - Theory: Learn how to read the finger prints of nature to find the best drop spots for gold and how to test for the best location to start mining for gold.

Day 2 - Practical Day: A professional prospector using our methods to teach you how to use the basic tools to extract samples of material from their natural environment which contain the clues to gold.

Day 3 - The Practicum: We go to a new section of the stream. You become the teacher. Show us where the gold should be and explain why. A field manual is included with this course.

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Course II - Electronic / Pocket Hunting

This course is structured for those who know how to use their metal detector and want to step up to a higher level. Rather than limit yourself to finding an occasional nugget, learn how also to find the source of the gold. We teach you how to incorporate "high-tech" (Metal Detector) with the "time tested" methods used by the old "Pocket Hunters" of yesteryear.

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Course III - Mining Claims

This course will teach you how to acquire exclusive mineral rights, for you and your family, to some beautiful recreational land in the foothills and mountain streams in California. You can file a 20 acre mining claim on BLM land. Filing fees are less than $175.00 People are filing claims daily. Take advantage of this opportunity while it exists.

Day 1: We take you to the County Recorders office and show you where the files are and how to use them. We'll teach you how to read and draw the necessary maps, how to find old abandoned mines, etc. Take you step by step through the necessary procedures to properly file a mining claim.

Day 2: Out in the field we go, to teach you how to properly locate and mark claims. Finally: how to record a claim.

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